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Customer Testimonials

"Got 3 or 4 bids, Chris was almost the lowest bid but got the best feeling that he was no-nonsense and ready to knock it out quickly. He and John were both hard workers, got tons done in a couple days including lots of crawlspace work. Also helped me out w/ a couple of "extra" things I had going on including lending me a rotohammer to knock something out I needed. Did a great job and very helpful w/ all aspects, happy to use him again."

-Doug H., Medina, WA


"Started with Fox Plumbing, big company that rated well, got a certified tech and trainee. They were 3hrs late for my appointment, arriving about 7pm for a 4-5pm window. Tried to remove the old iron clear-out plug with torch and 18" monkey wrench. After playing with it, they announced they needed to return the following day with an army, and blow a hole in my wall and foundation to get at the problem. before they left for the night (!) the base estimate was $800-$3000, depending on what they find/do.
I talked to a friend who referred Chris, of Supreme Plumbing, to have a go at it the next day. Chris arrived promptly at 8am, said he could remove the clear-out plug and do a diagnostic in about 30min. He did it in 15! Installed a new PVC clear-out fitting, got it snaked and running in a few hours of study.
Painless and fast, h*** yeah I'd recommend him!"

-Tim I., Seattle, WA 98108


"The best experience I could ever hope to receive. Professional, fast quality. Recommend without any reservation."

- Evan Oshan, Mercer Island, WA